Thinking and Feeling

The implied uncertainly or emotion in saying you're 'thinking' or 'feeling' seem to act as live bait for a certain type of negative argumentativeness that doesn't up the level of discourse.

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My Response to Jesse Hertzberg's Exegesis on 'Pulling A Fixler'

Jesse posted a while back about how I had developed sort of a reputation for leaving certain meetings not long after they started. That post inspired both a reply and the creation of this very blog, so it seemed apropos to start with a repost.

Pulling A Fixler hasn’t [yet] entered the mainstream vocabulary in the way that pulling pork has, but the concept is clearly resonating among the lot of us who find too much of our time, creative energy, and productive output neutralized by ill-conceived and poorly run meetings. I get that.

Taking control of your time is a powerful act, particularly in tandem with an expression of integrity and competence, both of which are wrapped in the core of Pulling A Fixler. It’s also a loosening of the grips of both FOMO and careerism, and declaring that you know that you’re not actually missing anything, career consequences be damned.

Many of us find ourselves voiceless inside organizations that are needlessly and illogically off the rails. Etsy in 2011 had gone through 3 CEOs in 3 years, and you’d be hard pressed to find anyone who thought it was in a healthy organizational state, or anyone who believed that the level of success that the company has seen under Chad Dickerson was inevitable or assured.

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